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Greensburg's OG

Community Focused Podcast

Our community is full of innovative and creative minds that are dedicated to breathing new life into the 724. Meet and learn about those locals who devote themselves every day by exploring and integrating who they are into their local businesses and ideas. From the areas of Greensburg and Irwin, Latrobe to Ligonier, even our friends in Pittsburgh. Here at the Local 724 is where the business owners, artists and those ideas come to tell their story and how they are making a difference in our community. 

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While searching for an avenue to take when creating a Podcast, I thought to myself "what's better than the focal point of being a local?" That's why we are the Local 724, brought to you by people like you. This podcast will showcase the folks in the 724 community in and around.  Businesses, artists, and fresh ideas are rapidly expanding and we want you to be on the front lines about your community making a come back stronger than ever.

There's the
thinkers and the do-ers. We’re here to connect with the do-ers and inspire the thinkers! The do-ers are out there putting into motion what they have worked on endlessly and continue to positively transition this community and expand the local development.

Our goal here at the Local 724 is to give you the most informative, inspirational and fun experience and promote your local community engagement while listening to us!

So get down with the "411" and listen locally at the 724 Podcast brought to you by Jordan Hauser.



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